Hello World!

A few facts about the world in which we live

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and is the largest of the terrestrial planets. Unlike the other planets in the solar system that are named after classic deities, the Earth's name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word, erda, which means "ground" or "soil". The Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago and is the only known planet to support life.

About the Earth

Top 3 Earth facts

  1. The Earth's rotation is gradually slowing.
  2. A year isn't exactly 365 days, and the earth doesn't take 24 hours to rotate.
  3. Seventy percent of the earth's surface is water, and only 1/3 of its fresh water is unfrozen.

Earth's nearest neighbors

NameRadiusAverage Temperature
Mars3,390km-55 °C
Venus6,052km460 °C

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